Smart Equipment, in close cooperation with their partners TANAM&J … offers many years of experience in recycling industry.

Owner Philippe Potier has been active in the recycling industry since many years, supplying state of the art systems and machines, as well as hands-on advice and attractive networking solutions. Smart Equipment tends to do things a bit different. Of course we want to bring our customers the best machines in the market. And of course, we want our customers to receive the best thinkable service after sales. But we’ve learned that Total Cost of Ownership, or bottom line Cost per Ton if you prefer, is what counts for our customers. So we want our customers to benefit from a lean and efficient organisation. Smart Equipment’s customers don’t pay for overhead, nor for real estate, or expensive structures.

Our customers get what they need, when they need it, at the best price. Smart Equipment achieves this through efficient use of partnerships. This networking system assures best advice, best service, best business opportunities at best price. Smart Equipment is official dealer for TANA in Benelux and France. Smart Equipment is also dealer for M&J. And Smart Equipment cooperates with multiple partners to extend our offering to attractive and clever solutions for our customers challenges.

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