Tana Shark 440deco


Maximizing uptime

TANA 440Deco industrial waste shredder offers unrivalled versatility with the ability to shred a wide range of difficult materials, such as mattresses, tyres, cables, ragger wire, municipal solid waste (MSW), and construction and demolition waste. This makes it possible to recover valuable materials and reduce waste volumes at the same time.

TANA Shark industrial waste shredders are designed for shredding the widest range of materials. The TANA Shark enables full control over the particle size from 50 to 500 mm (2” to 20”) with the lowest operating costs. Shredding can be performed in just one past, saving both time and money.

TANA Shark waste shredders are equipped with the TANA Control System (TCS) for controlling the operation and optimizing production with the right settings. TCS monitors and controls all machine functions. There are 12 pre-programmed operating programs for different types of materials and shredding purposes. In addition, extra customer specified programs can be added.

TANA ProTrack® remote management system provides detailed information about production capacity, eliminating the need to guess the outcome of the shredded waste capacities. The reporting system enables you to calculate production efficiency, including costs and profits per ton, as well as to evaluate different operators by comparing the quantities they have shredded during a certain time period, such as a single work shift. 

Tana Shark 440deco 1
Tana Shark 440deco 2

Technical data

Rated power (SAE J1995)

399 kW (535 bhp) @2100rpm

Normal torque

440 kNm

Rotor length


Number of rotor knives


Screen area

2,75 m²


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