The range of stationary pre-shredders allows to excel in numerous applications.
The K-series with their unbeatable uptime, easy maintenance and superior performance allow for profitable production in sites requiring between 5 & 45 tonnes/hour throughput.
As it’s name might give away, the B-series are the number one choice for opening light packing material. The bags are opened and the waste reduced, allowing for accurate sorting to take place.
The PreShred series are extremely suited to shred waste of different compositions and, depending of the chosen model, containing extremely bulky or heavy materials such as steel, stones and concrete.

Some of the key advantages:

  • Less downtime due to the reliable double hydrostatic drive
  • Open cutting table to let unshreddables pass and avoiding wear & breakdown
  • Astonishing capacity because of the aggressive knife geometry
  • Assured continuous production

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