The mobile M&J shredders allow the machines to be placed in environments where moving the shredder is required without compromising on the known quality and capacity of M&J shredders. Perfectly suited when the waste treatment line is prone to changes, the machine is required on multiple sites or to have the mobility of a mobile shredder.

Depending on the type, the M&J 4000 comes on tracks in the crawler version or on wheels in the trailer version, in which we will guide you to find the optimal solution.

Some of the key advantages:

  • Less downtime due to the reliable double hydrostatic drive
  • Open cutting table to let unshreddables pass and avoiding wear & breakdown
  • Astonishing capacity because of the aggressive knife geometry
  • Assured continuous production
  • Strong CAT C15 powerpack
  • Large engine space for easy maintenance
  • Rugged, sturdy overbelt magnet (optional)
  • Process waste at almost any location

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